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Lighting Service & Maintenance

Making a Great First Impression with Lights

For many potential customers, their first impression of your business will be seeing your lights at night. How does your exterior lighting and electric signage look right now? Is everything bright enough? Are any lights out? Is your sign functioning properly? With lighting service and maintenance from High Impact, never worry about lighting problems again. We’re happy to do one-time service calls or flat rate monthly maintenance agreements.

As a business owner or manager, you have more important things to do than checking your property lights and signs. If you usually leave by 5pm, it can be easy to miss outages among the many lights in your system. We solve this problem by performing routine night patrols on your property. We’ll let you know if any lights are burned-out and if any are starting to go. You’ll always know whats happening with your lighting and your business will always be bright and welcoming to customers.

High Impact’s Sign & Design Service Department will make sure your property lights and signs are always on.

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