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Where would your company be without a sign?

Imagine a plain building with no signage at all. How would your customers find you? Would anyone even know you were there?

For much of human history, tradesmen and merchants opened shop simply by hanging out a sign advertising their services. Today, signs are synonymous with business. Consumers recognize national brands by their iconic signs. A new location can’t open until the electric sign is installed and turned on. A sign transforms a building into a business.

Many of the most visited tourists spots on the planet owe their signature appearance to signage. Would New York’s famous Times Square have the same dynamic energy if all the electronic signs were turned off? Would Las Vegas remain a global vacation destination if the iconic Las Vegas Strip went dark every night? Signs make a tremendous impact on people.

When choosing an electric sign for your business, it’s important to find professionals you can trust who are experienced in the industry. High Impact Sign and Design is your proven partner for design, electric sign manufacturing, and installation. The right sign can make a dramatic first impression on potential customers. Eye appeal is only one factor to consider as we design and build the perfect sign for your brand and target audience.

High Impact Sign’s design team is backed up by a state of the art manufacturing facility.

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