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Digital Displays

Bright and Bold with LED Digital Displays

The most advanced sign technology available, LED Digital Displays make a dramatic impact on your customers. Their clear and brilliant light makes them easy to read anytime of day. Whether the sun is shining or it’s late at night, an LED sign will deliver your message to people passing by. This is why LED displays are so popular on the Las Vegas Strip, New York’s Times Square, and London’s Piccadilly Circus.

LED technology is not just for exterior signage. Interior displays are perfect for providing information or displaying advertising directly to customers. Far thinner than traditional neon or fluorescent signs, LED can be scaled to the size you need. LED displays also last longer and use less energy than other sign types.

You’ll have complete control to customize your digital display through programming. Create any combinations of lights, types of movement, digital flashes, color changes, animations and more. Easily display HD images and video.

Contact us today to learn about all the digital display options for your business. Our turn-key solutions include tech support, training and utilization of the software in one package to maximize your investment.

Experience the future of signage with an LED Digital Display from High Impact

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